The exhibition "Departure to America"


"Steubenhoeft" is the name of the quay with its passenger complexes associated with the Hapag-Terminal in Cuxhaven. A stroll through the historical ensemble immediately projects the visitor back in time to a turbulent past, where millions of people bid farewell to Germany for a new beginning in America.
The permanent exhibit entitled , "Departure to America" is located in the staircase leading to the Traumschiff-Cafe. It shows reproductions of historic objects, as well as illustrations of historical significance with concern to the Hapag Terminal and Steubenhoeft and its passengers. It is hard to imagine a setting more fitting to this theme, for this is exactly the same spot where ocean liners once docked. If you look out of the windows here, your gaze will carry you over the delta of the river Elbe and out across the expanse of the North Sea. 


The exhibit is opened year-round.     
Entrance is free.



In another section of the exhibit, located within an art-installation formed out of old suitcases a computer terminal provides visitors the opportunity to conduct research on emigration from today's county of Cuxhaven in an attractive multimedia carrel. The CUXAUS database may be used free of charge.


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