History: 1993 - 1999


The Sovereign Hanseatic City of Hamburg turns over the Amerika Harbor and the Steubenhoeft to the State of Lower Saxony, thereby placing considerable demands on upkeep on its new custodians. With the hoisting of the Lower Saxon flag upon the Hapag tower the Cuxhaven Port Authority becomes the new owner and manager. The Lower Saxonian Civil Engineering Administration invests considerable efforts and money in maintaining the officially registered historical site.



On August 19th, America-bound tourists are, once more, received in the historically restored Hapag Terminal's aisles, which lead to the ship. Once again, an ocean liner drops its anchor at the Steubenhoeft, before starting its voyage to New York - almost 30 years to the day after the last voyage of the "Hanseatic". Before its nostalgic voyage to the New World, the "Deutschland" of the Peter Deilmann Shipping Fleet is bid farewell with a celebration at the Steubenhoeft. Festivities serve to revive the era of the trans-Atlantic voyage and to commemorate the millions of people, for who this departure here played a crucial role. The success of combining historical projects together with modern marine tourism is to be repeated again in 2000.


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