History: 1914 - 1920


The gigantic "Vaterland" starts upon its maiden voyage to New York on May 14th. The dimensions of 276 meters long and weight of 54,282 tons (BRT) make it the mightiest ocean liner ever built in Germany.


The expansion of German shipping and passenger transportation also happened to be a prerogative inherent of the imperial policies of the Emperor Wilhelm Period. The atrocities of the First World War quickly put a damper on any hopes of a continued surge in trans-Atlantic transportation. Many German ships are turned over to the victors of the First World War, given new names during the 1920's.



In 1919 the Hapag-Terminal becomes built out to the quay with a roofed concourse. Starting in 1920, the Cunard-Line deploys the "Saxonia" in regularly scheduled services from here. Hapag follows suit with the "Albert Ballin", amongst others.


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