History: 1902 - 1913


Hapag entered into the new century competing for lucrative markets and national prestige as the world's largest shipping company. The largest and most luxurious ships ever built in Germany set sail from the Steubenhoeft in regularly scheduled routes to New York.
On the 1st of June the "Graf Waldensee" is boarded for its first service from the Neuen Liebe (today's Steubenhoeft).  The Hapag Terminal officially opens. The elegant and modern facilities allow passengers, for the first time, to be processed directly upon arrival or departure from the train station.



In March the Hamburg-America-Line cancels its steamship service from the New Harbor due to sedimentation. In June of the same year, however, a new quay (the todays Steubenhoeft) goes into its first service.


Hapag registers circa 120,000 passengers with the destination of America. Many of these travelers arrive in Cuxhaven, first by train, before being shipped off.



Hapag puts "Imperator" class steamers into service. The quay area now measures 400 meters in length, yet it is dwarfed by the largest ship on the Atlantic, the "Vaterland". From November on, the harbor goes by the name of the "Amerikahafen" (America Harbor).


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