Boarding Old Style


Boarding in this nostalgic terminal is an experience that you will not want to miss. The renovated Art Noveau lobbies emanate a turn-of-the-century flair. Porters tout your luggage, scenes from the "roaring twenties" deck the halls and an exhibit entitled, "Departure to America" can be viewed. The opportunity to conduct research in a data bank holding regional entries on local emigration lies at your disposal. Furthermore, members of the Hapag-Terminal Booster Club of Cuxhaven offer guided tours through the historical facility.


The facility's uniqueness attracts renowned shipping magnates, such as the German Peter Deilmann Company to dock their cruising vessels here. His flagship, the "Deutschland" is awaited to visit Cuxhaven five times in the year 2001. Measured in overnight stays, Cuxhaven is Germany's biggest vacation spot. Cruise ships are regularly bid farewell from this port by thousands of spectators in a festive atmosphere of music and fanfare.

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