Hapag Halle Cuxhaven


“America is just around the corner“ is a saying still heard today, one-hundred ten years after the Hamburg-America-Line (HAPAG) first started its steamship service out of Cuxhaven.  Built between 1900-1902, the Hapag Terminal, along with the historical ensemble of the Steubenhoeft (built 1911 - 1913) sets the scene for numerous events dedicated towards reviving the era when countless individuals boarded for departure at this quay to meet with their fates in America. 
You may research information concerning emigration from Cuxhaven ONLINE in the data bank entitled, CUXAUS.
Historical information, exhibits and tourist attractions serve to help you retrace the emigrant trek and to experience the maritime tradition of Cuxhaven.


The Hapag-Terminal Booster Club of Cuxhaven is supported by various local organizations and interest groups in sponsoring numerous projects. 



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